Powrót do Procedury / Policies


As part of our curriculum the children are taken for local walks, visits etc. away from the setting the Frederic Chopin Integrative Saturday School in Bath (FCISS) is using and permission will be sought for the child to be included in such outings:
• Parents/carers will be informed in writing of any visits or outings involving transportation (by public transport, private coach/car) of children away from the setting. They will be asked to sign a consent form each time such an outing takes place.
• For local outings (where children and staff walk to the destination), we ask that parents/ carers give their consent for these trips by signing the relevant permission form. Where possible, staff will let parents/carers know in advance that their child will be attending a local walk/trip.
• A risk assessment will be carried out for each outing, and staff will follow the specific procedures outlined below.
• When taking a child on such a trip, outing or special event, FCISS will:
a) Advise parents on the equipment needed for the trip i.e. coats, rucksack etc.
b) Operate a staff to children ratio of 1:2 for the children aged 2y/o -3y/o, 1:4 for the children 3y/o – 6y/o, 1:8 for the children aged 6y/o and above. Each adult will assume responsibility for the same children throughout the trip.
c) Provide a designated person in charge, normally a senior member of staff (service leader, or senior practitioner) and a designated First Aider.
d) In case of a child going missing the Lost/missing Child Procedure (Outings) will be followed.
The staff members will:
1 Ensure that the staff to children ratio of 1:2 is maintained at all times.
2. Take a list of children (or register) with them.
3. Take a first aid kit.
4. Take a mobile phone and contact numbers for staff and children
5. Take anything else that is deemed necessary for the comfort of the trip.
6. Ensure all children are wearing a badge with the contact number of FCISS Service .
7. Take the register of children attending the trip before setting off, on arrival,
half way through the visit, before departure, and again on arrival back at the setting.
8. Take head counts as deemed necessary throughout the trip
9. Make provision for children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, and those speaking Polish as an additional language ensuring that their individual needs and safety are properly met whilst on the outing e.g. by obtaining specific words in their first language, the use of pictures, photographs or signs to enhance their experiences whilst on the trip
10. Ensure any incident or accident that occurs on the outing is recorded in writing
11. Inform Ofsted and/or local Health and Safety Executive of any serious incidents or accidents

Use of vehicles for outings
When planning a trip or outing using vehicles, records of vehicles and drivers including licenses, MOT certificates and business use insurance will be checked by the member of the Management Committee.

If a vehicle is used for outings the following procedure will be followed:
• Ensure that written consent has been obtained from all parents/carers.
• Ensure vehicles fitted with seat belts, child seats, booster seats and airbags are
used correctly.
• Ensure the maximum seating is not exceeded.
• All children will be accompanied by staff members.
• No child will be left in a vehicle unattended.
• Care will be taken when getting in or out of a vehicle. Where possible, the vehicle should be parked away from busy roads and children should enter and exit on the pavement side.

Procedure to be followed for all outings

The staff member in charge of the outing will:
• Carry out a risk assessment of the destination in advance of the trip. Should this
be a destination that is frequently visited (e.g. local playground), staff will complete a risk assessment once a year but be mindful of any safety concerns on every visit, and up to date the risk assessment as appropriate. The risk assessment must be counter-signed by the Management Committee before the outing commences.
• Ensure that they have completed an Outings Check List before commencing the
• Assign each child to an adult who will be responsible for their safety throughout
the outing .
• Ensure all the younger children hold hands with an adult whilst walking, and that the group stays together as one unit at all times. The group will normally be led by the designated person in charge.
• Plan a safe walking route to the destination using approved pedestrian crossings
• Ensure that each adult maintains a constant vigilance whilst at the destination, in particular keeping sight of the two children for whom they are responsible.

Outings will only take place as long as there are sufficient staff to maintain the adult to child ratios. This will be recorded on the service registers.


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