Powrót do Procedury / Policies


At Frederic Chopin Polish School CIC in Bath we strive to give a warm welcome to each child/young person on their arrival.

Parents/carers are requested to pass the care of their child/young person to a specific member of staff who will ensure his/her safety. The staff member receiving the child/young person immediately records his/her arrival in the daily attendance register. Any specific information provided by the parents/carers should be recorded.

If the child is not to be collected by the parent/carer at the end of the session, the non-collection of child policy must be followed to identify the nominated adult. A password is also required where possible for the nominated adult.

No child should be handed over to anyone other than the known parent/carer unless an agreement has been made at the time of arrival. If in doubt check the person’s identity by ringing the child’s parent/carer or their emergency contact number.

On departure, the child register must be immediately marked to show that the child has left the premises.

Adults arriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Frederic Chopin Polish School CIC prime focus is the care and safety of the children it cares for. All policies/procedures are written with this in mind. If an adult arrives to collect a child, whether this is the parent/carer or another designated adult, and they are deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the senior member of management on duty will assess whether the child’s safety and welfare may be impacted if released into this person’s care.

The decision will be discussed with the adult and where required an additional named adult will be contacted to collect the child or this will be referred to the duty social care team if this is not possible. During this time the child will be cared for by another member of staff so they are able to remain calm and engaged in play.

Where an adult is deemed unsuitable, Frederic Chopin Polish School CIC reserves the right to also report such matters to the police and, in the case of any employees, reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action.

Arrivals and departures of visitors

For arrivals and departures of visitors the appropriate records must be completed on entry and exit e.g. in the visitors book.

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