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At the Frederic Chopin Polish School CIC, we are committed to providing a high quality, safe, stimulating and consistent care for parents/carers and the children/young people we care for. We accept that sometimes things do not go to plan, and with this in mind, the following policy has been devised to allow us to continue to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes.

Should a parent, child, young person, visitor or staff member, make a complaint, the following steps should be followed:


Allow the person to finish speaking

Assess the situation – are you able to respond to the complaint yourself?


Respond – explain the situation calmly, be polite and look the person in the eye.

If the person is not satisfied with your response, refer them to the session leader or next most senior person on site.

If the person is satisfied inform your leader/manager and ensure that a ‘complaint record form’ is completed in the office.


Refer the complaint to the next most senior member of staff or reassure person that you will report their concerns to the manager who will call them the next day.

If it is obvious that a person may become emotional or possibly aggressive, suggest that they may wish to talk about it another time when there are no children/young people around or take them somewhere away from the group and take them into a corridor or open space. Make sure that another staff member is aware of the situation so that they can stay close at hand.

You are the best person to judge this situation. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with the circumstances and respond appropriately. In the event that a person does become aggressive, walk away immediately.

Remember to:

  • Allow the person to finish speaking
  • Thank them for bringing the issue to your attention
  • Explain that you will report their concerns to your manager at the next possible opportunity

If a service user (parent, child, young person, visitor, staff member) has a complaint this should be reported to the most senior member of staff on site. If the issue cannot be resolved on site, a record will be made and this will be followed up by the Schools Coordinator within 48 hours.

If you do not feel that the complaint has been resolved adequately, details should be put into writing and forwarded to the Management Committee within 10 working days.   A response will be issued within 10 working days.

Any parent/carer, at any time, can submit a complaint to OFSTED about any aspect of registered childcare/play/crèche or youth provision. OFSTED will consider and investigate all complaints received.

In-house Contact Details

Frederic Chopin Polish School CIC

c/o Percy Community Centre,

New King Street, Bath.




Piccadilly Gate,

Store Street


M1 2WD

Phone 0300 123 1231

**It is a requirement of the Office For Standards In Education that complaints are fully investigated and a full response is issued within 20 days. A written record is kept of all complaints and their outcome. These records may be viewed by Ofsted/parents upon request.

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