Powrót do Procedury / Policies


Parents/ carers are expected to collect their child 5 – 10 minutes before the end of session, to allow the staff to inform the child’s parents/carers on what their child has done during the session.

As part of their admission form, parents/ carers are required to set up a password system, which will allow a nominated person (recorded on the admission form) to collect the child if the parent/ carer are unable to collect the child on their behalf.

When the nominated person comes to collect the child, a password will be asked for – if the nominated person & password matches the one on file, then the child is allowed to go with the adult. If the nominated person or the password does not match with what is recorded on file, then the parent is contacted by phone to determine if the person is allowed to collect their child.

• All safety passwords to be changed every year to ensure safety of the children.

In the event that a parent/ carer fail to collect a child, the following steps will be taken…

• Parent/ carer to be contacted 5 minutes after end of session. A collection arranged and two members of staff to wait with the child. Management Committee to be contacted.

• If no contact can be made with parent, then named back up contacts from the admission form are to be contacted. Management Committee to be kept apprised of the status.

•If no contact or collection can be arranged, Social Services to be contacted after 45 minutes to collect child.


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