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Frederic Chopin Integrative Saturday School in Bath (FCISS) aims at all times to recruit the person who is most suited to the particular post. Recruitment must be solely on the basis of the applicant’s abilities, qualifications, experience and merit as measured against the job description and person specification.

The guidelines in FCISS’s Equal Opportunities Policy must be followed at all stages of recruitment and selection.

It is FCISS’s policy that at least three members of the Management Committee of the school are jointly responsible for the recruitment of new staff/volunteers. Where there is a need to recruit a new member of staff, the following procedure should be followed:

1. Advertising the vacancy

A job advert and job description will be used to advertise the vacancy internally (by e- mail), externally (on Integrative Saturday School website for 5 working days, as a minimum) or both.

Existing employees are to be encouraged to apply for vacant posts if they have the required skills, qualifications and experience.

2. Candidate selection

Shortlisting of candidates for interview will be decided by Management Committee.

Shortlisting must always be carried out without regard to gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origins, religion or belief or age.

Any applicant who has a disability must not be excluded unless it is clear that:

the applicant does not meet the minimum criteria outlined in the person specification and;

they would still fail to do so even if reasonable adjustments were made to work provisions, criteria or practices

Reasonable adjustments should also be made to the recruitment process to ensure that no applicant is disadvantaged because of their disability.

3. Interviewing and selection

All interviews must be conducted by at least two members of the Management Committee. While conducting recruitment interviews they must ensure that questions asked of job applicants are in no way discriminatory or personally intrusive.

The interview should focus on the needs of the post and the skills, qualification s and experience needed to perform it effectively. An interview record must be made and kept in the staff/volunteer’s file for a suitable period of time. On no account should a job offer be made during an interview.

Selection may be deferred in any instance where a second interview is considered necessary and appropriate.

Interviewing and selection must always be carried out without regard to gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origins, religion or belief or age.

4. Seeking references

It is FCISS’s policy to seek, with the successful candidate’s agreement, at least one written/oral reference, which must be from a previous employer. (If this is the successful candidate’s first job, their school teacher or higher or further education lecturer should be one of their referees).

We may also ask for documentary proof of qualifications and will seek proof of your eligibility to work in the UK. Any offer of employment must be conditional on this documentation being satisfactory to FCISS.

Employment Policy

We seek to encourage the development of all employees to their full potential. We promote equality of opportunity and will take action to ensure that no individual suffers discrimination, directly or indirectly , on the grounds of sex, race, disability, age, colour, nationality , ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, religious or philosophic al belief.

We aim to treat all of our employees in a fair and consistent manner, promoting good working relationships, encouraging high standards of conduct and work performance and providing fair rewards. We also aim to provide a healthy workplace, free from risk with due regard for the health, safety and welfare of all employees.

In return, we expect employees to maintain high standard s of conduct, reliability, competence and efficiency and ask that you conduct yourselves in a manner that upholds our interests and reputation.

You must read, and abide by, the Equal Opportunities Policy, which sets out yours and FCISS responsibilities.


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